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Lessons Learned: A Startup’s Secret Weapon—Customers!

Fang-Ke Huang is a postdoctoral fellow in NYU Langone Medical Center, applying the proteomic approach to understand the brain’s functionalities such as learning and memory. Fang-Ke got his PhD from Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences. He is interested in the intersection of science and business. When I was in graduate school, two fellow students and I participated in a venture challenge in which we had to submit an executive summary of a technology. We worked tirelessly, ruthlessly Google searching and brainstorming, and we came up with the…

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Lessons Learned: Passion Holds Out

Paul Dariye is a first year graduate student in the Management of Technology program at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering. Before NYU, Paul was in Northern Cyprus. Paul has had an eventful journey since leaving Nigeria in 2009 to further his studies.  The 5-Day Lean Launchpad with Steve Blank remains the most challenging and engaging class I’ve taken to date at NYU. It was a very electrifying experience. From a road trip to New Jersey to a party organized by Google, those five days felt like much more than just a…

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A Day in the Life: Comixology’s David Steinberger

David Steinberger is the CEO and co-founder of comiXology. Founded in 2007 shortly before co-winning the NYU Entrepreneurs Challenge, comiXology is a platform for the sale and reading of digital comics, and was recently purchased by Amazon. David’s first dream was to be a classical singer, when he first came to NYC in 1994. After graduating from Manhattan School of Music and Juilliard, he tried his hand at professionally singing. He then did “what any sensible person would do when their first choice isn’t working…

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The Week Ahead at the Leslie eLab

Hi everybody, It is hard to believe but the Leslie eLab has been open for only a little over a month! So many things have already happened here in the last few weeks. We have welcomed well over 30 speakers, panelists, and lecturers. Numerous startup teams have pitched to VCs and other jurors. And this past week,  Mootch, a student startup that has tirelessly worked in the Leslie eLab, launched the beta version of their app here. One thing I am especially excited about is that over these…

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The “Film-trepreneur”: An Interview with James Belfer of Dogfish Accelerator

Peter is a guardian at the Leslie eLab and an intern at the Entrepreneurial Institute. He is co-president of CASEA and co-chair of the NYU Entrepreneurs Festival. He has started a film production company called Minetta Studios.  While the film industry is not typically associated with entrepreneurship the way software or even fashion is, being successful in film is all about being entrepreneurial.  This is the concept I was left with after talking with James Belfer, co-founder of the Dogfish Accelerator. He’s an innovative “film-treprenuer” (his…

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Lessons Learned: Do It Your Way

Chase Denison is a freshman undergraduate in the Stern School of Business. Chase is the founder and owner of Vybe Sunglasses. He is also a captain of NYU’s Baseball Team. As entrepreneurs, we seem to fall into a habitual cycle trying to mirror other successful entrepreneurs we know and revere. We follow their footsteps to accomplish our own goals. Most people think in terms of a set of “rules” scribed in stone on how to be a successful entrepreneur. Well to that, I say— no. Rather than…

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The Week Ahead at the Leslie eLab

Hi everybody! I hope that midterms went well for all of you! It has been great to see such a great number of students come in to work on their startups in the Leslie eLab, despite their obligations for school. We are thrilled that so many of you are excited to have a space on campus where they can build their ventures, connect to other entrepreneurs, and learn everything they need to know to start up well! I know that NYU is taking a short fall break…

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3D Scanned Real Skull

alas, poor yorick! i PRINTED him, horatio

Announcing the opening of the new Prototyping space within the NYU Leslie Entrepreneurs Lab! Each man in his time plays many parts; having your skull replicated is not normally one of them… The protoyping lab is now open. Any NYU student or faculty working on a protoype for their startup can use the tools, the space, the laser cutter, and the 3d printers free of charge. To experiment with, we have stacks of arduinos and raspberrypis, and more sensors than you can shake a skull at…

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Startup Showcase: Tactonic Technologies

Tactonic Technologies developed and is commercializing large area, multi–touch, pressure sensing systems, which utilize a sensing technology referred to Mechanical Force Redistribution. These systems can be used to track and quantify activity in a given environment by sensing the foot steps and extracting features such as stance, gait, and balance of those moving throughout the active environment. Tactonic works with a number of startups and established companies to develop end-user products.  Tactonic Technologies is the second startup that co-founders NYU Courant Professor Ken Perlin and Charles Hendee…

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Lessons Learned: Rethinking Programs in the Social Sector

{{unknown}}Angela is a 2nd year Masters of Public Administration student at NYU’s Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service, specializing in International Development and Policy. Steve Blank’s Lean Launchpad course is a 5-day intensive course that allows teams of students gain real world experience in how to turn an idea into a business.  When I was in middle school, my mother had an entire backyard devoted to gardening. Having read somewhere that plants grew faster and benefited when coffee was added to the soil, I…

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